Can I meet the Pet Sitter who will be caring for my pet?

Meet and greets are entirely free. They are a chance for us to get to know your pet prior to providing care. They also provide you with the opportunity to learn more about us. 

Can I request a specific time for my visit?

We make every effort to meet specific requests, but sometimes things happen–a dog doesn’t want to walk, a cat won’t come out from hiding, or a pet is sick. Therefore, we ask that all customers provide a two-hour window in which your pet will be serviced.

Do you care for pets other than cats and dogs?

If you tell us how to care for them, we are happy to see if we can provide services. We have cared for frogs, fish, breaded dragons and iguanas. 

How long are your dog walks?

Our walks with your fur kids last between 20-30 minutes. If they have a normal route or there is other dogs out that you would like us to avoid please let us know and we will do our best to keep them in routine. 

What if my pet has an accident inside?

Accidents happen; but don’t worry, if your pet accidentally goes to the bathroom inside or otherwise makes a mess, we’ll be sure to clean it up so you come back to a fresh home.

How do you manage behavior?

We use positive reinforcement to encourage your pet to demonstrate the behaviors we want to see and to deter them from the behaviors we don’t. We get to know your pet, what motivates them, and use that. When they demonstrate the behavior we want to see, we reward them with the motivator (for most dogs that means food and affection).  


What kind of treats do you use? What if my pup has an allergy?

We use treats sparingly and when we do give a treat, it’s a small tidbit.  If your pup has any allergies to certain things please let us know, or if you simply prefer we use your own treats, we can do that as well!

What does dog sitting entail?

Clean Water and Fresh Food 
Bathroom breaks for dogs (yard time) 
Clean-up any accidents 
Medication administrations 
Play time for willing pets 
Pick up mail/newspaper 
Adjust lighting as directed

Our visits are based upon your fur kids' needs. If they are used to going out every 6 hours that is what we do. We can definitely give you suggestions based on expericene with other fur kids. 

What does cat sitting entail?

Cat sitting visits are typically scheduled in the morning or late afternoon and include:

  • Feeding as instructed by you
  • Scooping and disposal of litter box waste.
  • Playtime and cuddling. If your cat is not a social butterfly, we’ll make visual contact to ensure they are doing well.

My pet has never been alone. Do you do overnights?

At this time Petsbloom does not do overnight stays. We have found that if you will be out of town overnight that fur kids do well with an evening visit and morning visit and are still filled with happiness. 

Can you pick up my mail or water my plants?

Absolutely. We’re happy to help where we can. Depending on the nature of the request, there may be an additional fee added to your bill.

I’m leaving today. Can I still get pet-sitting?

While we would love to be available on short notice unless we can have a meet and greet to fill out paper work and meet your fur kids prior to the visit we are unable. We do recommend even if you do not have current plans to set up a meet and greet that way when you do need us, it will be easier to book visits.


Can you administer medication to my pet?

We have experience administering a variety of oral and topical medications, in addition to insulin shots. If your pet needs medication, we highly recommend at the meet and greet you show us exactly how the medicine is to be delivered, along with written instructions that include dosages, timing, and possible side effects. If anything changes text or leave a note and we will add it to your fur kids file. 

I need a very last minute visit. How quickly can you get there?

We will make every effort to accommodate your request, however, during peak seasons we quickly fill up. The sooner you let us know, the better!

What if you can’t get my dog out or my dog doesn’t go to the bathroom?

We have many tricks up our sleeve to calm  dogs and to encourage dogs to go to the bathroom. However there are some days that a dog just doesn’t want to walk or doesn’t have to go to the bathroom.  If you know your pup has some challenges, we strongly encourage you to share during the   meet and greet any tips that you have found work for your dog.

Do you charge more for holidays?

Currently our holiday rate is $5 on top of regular pricing.  Holiday's do tend to fill up so the sooner you schedule the better! What we consider holiday are New Year's Eve, New Year's Day, Easter Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Day. Holiday rates for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are $10 on top of regular pricing. 

What training has your pet Sitter received?

Our owner, Marisa Schultz, has been pet sitting since 2007.  In addition to pet sitting she is a Certified Dog Trainer and has additional training with Shelter dogs. Training included a mixture of classroom and hands-on training.